Which One?

Do what you need or do what you want?
Do what you want or get what you want?
Get what you want or get what you need?


Time to Decide Where to Travel

Do you like to travel around the world? Or maybe just around your country? Visiting new places, meeting new people, finding unique in different culture or tasting new foods, are parts of why traveling is so exciting. More than like, I love traveling…

What kind of traveler are you? Do you like someone arrange your travel (ex; via travel agent) or do you like to arrange it by yourself? I like the second one. I think, you will feel the sense of adventure more when you arrange it by yourself. But sometimes you can ruin your travel when you don’t have a well planed travel.

If you the second type of traveler; did you, sometime, find difficulties when planning your travel? Found too many good places to visit in a very limited time, found too many good people (and bad people) to go (and not go) with, found so many exciting events to see, or found your budget was so damn tight. That’s why we need to plan and prepare out travel well.

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